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June 29, 2021 Bob Krell

The International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) and the Indoor Environmental Quality Global Alliance (IEQ-GA) have teamed up to create a new, monthly online program titled, “Indoor Environments: Global Research to Action.” Like the moniker implies, the show will feature discussions on how current research on a variety of topics related to our indoor environments can be put into practice.

The show is being produced by Healthy Indoors/IAQNET LLC and has been slated for an initial 6-month run. It will be hosted by current IEQ-GA President, Donald Weekes, and Healthy Indoors founder, Bob Krell.

The premiere for the new ISIAQ/IEQ-GA show streams live on Wednesday June 30, 2021, from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4), and is available for public viewing both live and after the event as a recording and podcast on the Healthy Indoors Online Global Community at:

Season-1/Episode-1 focuses on the indoor environmental quality in schools, with guests Pawel Wargocki and Froukje van Dijken.

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Assoc. Prof. Pawel Wargocki (54) graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in 1990. He received his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark in 1998, where he has been teaching and performing research ever since. He has >25 years of experience in research on human requirements in indoor environments. He is best known for his seminal work, demonstrating that poor indoor environmental quality affects office work and learning performance. Other work influenced the requirements for ventilation and air cleaning. Recent research includes studies on emissions from humans, sleep quality, and performance of green buildings and gas-phase air cleaning and air quality in aircraft. He has collaborated with leading research institutions, universities, and industrial partners worldwide, including the National University of Singapore, Jiaotong University in Shanghai, Syracuse Center of Excellence, United Technologies, Velux, and Google. He stayed as a guest professor at Pufendorf Institute at Lund University, Waseda University, and the National University of Singapore. He was President and long-standing board member of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ), Vice President of Indoor Air 2008, and Chair of ASHRAE committees. Presently he is a President of the Academy of Indoor Air Sciences. He has received several awards for his work, including the Rockwool Award for Young Researchers, ASHRAE Ralph Nevins Award, Environmental Health Award, Distinguished Service Award, ISIAQ’s Yaglou Award, and Best Paper Awards in Indoor Air. He published extensively.

Froukje van Dijken MSc is a healthy building specialist at bba binnenmilieu in the Netherlands. She has over 15 years of experience on practical research on the indoor environment in schools. We all know that the indoor environment in schools in often poor. But why does it go wrong? Froukje provided several hundreds of schools with advice on how to reduce the IEQ complaints and to improve the indoor environmental quality. She is author of the Dutch guidelines for IEQ in schools (PvE Frisse Scholen). 

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