Testing Pollution in Homes

July 2, 2019 hiadmin

Home Performance Channel – Healthy Indoors Minute — May 2019 —

Grace and Corbett Lunsford, of the Building Performance Workshop, and the hosts of the new weekly PBS TV series, Home Diagnosis, bring you the next installment of the “Home Performance Channel – Healthy Indoors Minute.”

This month’s topic: Air Quality Monitors. Corbett shows a few consumer air quality monitors and compares their methods and accuracy, and interpretation of results. Shown above: Speck particle monitor, CPS SmartAir IAQ, and Foobot. 

Their goal is to package building performance, so it can easily be understood and used by professionals and consumers alike, for better buildings worldwide. In 2009, Corbett started teaching pros through his Building Performance Workshop (where each student happily admits to being an idiot at the beginning of every class), and he’s hosted over 300 YouTube videos and 80 interviews for the Building Performance Podcast. Without anybody to tell him he couldn’t, Corbett wrote the book Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing, and developed the APT Reports software tool.

In 2016 they built the world’s highest performance tiny house on wheels, the #TinyLab, and toured the US before settling down in Atlanta, Georgia.

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