They Grow Up So Quick, Don’t They?

September 10, 2020 Bob Krell

by Bob Krell, Publisher of Healthy Indoors Magazine

It went by fast. Healthy Indoors Magazine debuted in August 2013. From where we stand today, that was a different world.  Back then there was a growing consensus about climate change/global warming, and with it the need for action to thwart man’s fossil fuel-induced acceleration of it. Of course, since then the United States has backed away from the Paris Accord and dismantled many domestic policies aimed at reducing the country’s carbon emissions—all while hurricanes and typhoons increase in intensity, and wildfires literally burn huge swaths of our planet’s foliage and wildlife to ashes. And then there’s the COVID-19 global pandemic.  The moniker, “May you live in interesting times,” is a bit of an understatement in 2020.  But let’s not dwell on negative of what is arguably impending disaster.

Our indoor home environments may have risen to the forefront of importance as they get increasingly tested by the elements, and we have been relegated to spending significantly more time there as a refuge from the coronavirus.  The quality of our indoor habitat is paramount—having healthier indoor environments can dramatically improve our well-being during what appears to be ever-increasing external challenges.  This really isn’t rocket science.  If you spend more time in your indoor space, you’re going to be affected by it, for either better or worse.

Over the past seven years we have discussed a host of issues in our publications. We’ve covered the ever-popular topic of mold/microbial/moisture, to building resiliency through improved designs and maintenance, and a good deal of everything in between along the way.  The subjects vary, but our theme has remained constant, even in the wake of the recent worldwide pandemic that has claimed over 175,000 lives in this country alone to date. Our primary mission was, and will always be, to disseminate credible information and serve as a communications bridge between industry, academia, and consumers. To that end, we strive to provide our readers with actionable data and advice from the industry’s cognizant authorities—researchers and practitioners who are working to improve our indoor world.

You will notice some changes in our look and feel. We have gone back to some of our original stylization and did a little bit of a design uplift—not a radical change but more of a sprucing-up.  The dateline on our cover denoting this as the “USA Edition” probably begs the question, “What about the rest of the planet?”  We are on the eve of launching a new Healthy Indoors Global Edition that will be a free quarterly digital publication with a worldwide focus and perspective. The Healthy Indoors Show and podcast will include more international guests and we will continue to expand our live-streamed event offerings in the upcoming months.

Milestones like birthdays are logical times to take stock in what has been accomplished by your efforts.  On this anniversary of seven years in the media, we are proud to have been able to play a small part in how you approach your indoor spaces.  We hope we have helped you along the way and welcome the opportunity to continue being one of your trusted information sources.

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