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2 Introduction Nearly a year since the start of the pandemic, it is difficult to step out of your home and not worry about air quality. Every mask or social distancing marker is a reminder that the air we breathe may pose a danger to our health. With the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, we are beginning to glimpse a path back to normalcy: a world where we can visit loved ones, celebrate birthdays, and re-open businesses that have had to shut their doors in the interest of public health. It is important to remember, however, that vaccination will not eliminate all airborne dangers. We are already seeing new strains of the Coronavirus and are faced with the unsettling possibility that normalcy is still a ways off. Airborne virus transmission is likely to remain a serious health concern for a long time to come. Add to that the ongoing and alarming growth of air pollution, and it becomes clear that we need a long-term plan to maintain healthy air quality, particularly in commercial spaces where large numbers of people may gather.

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