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www.epa.gov/iaq/moisture Appendix F – Site Drainage Maintenance Regular maintenance of site drainage systems is necessary to ensure they perform effectively. Failing to regularly maintain drainage systems can lead to reduced performance or system failure. To help provide proper maintenance, a site drainage maintenance plan that describes specific maintenance requirements and schedules should be developed and used by the persons responsible for drainage maintenance. • Detailed logs of all preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, including all maintenancerelated work orders. The maintenance plan differs from the checklists provided in this appendix. The plan encompasses the entire site drainage maintenance requirements, while the checklists provide requirements for a specific drainage feature. • Approved disposal and recycling sites and procedures for the sediment, debris and other materials removed from the drainage systems during maintenance. • Necessary maintenance equipment, tools and supplies. • Emergency action responses. • Procedures and equipment required to protect the safety and health of inspectors and maintenance workers. • System component manufacturer's literature and warranties. Maintenance Plan Requirements • As-built construction plans. The following site drainage maintenance plan requirements have been adapted from the New Jersey Storm Water BMP Manual (NJDEP04). Plans should include: In addition, the plan should address the training of maintenance personnel in the operational theory of site drainage and in maintenance and health and safety procedures. • The name, address and telephone number of the person or persons responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the site drainage systems. Site Drainage Inspection and Maintenance Recommendations • Specific preventive and corrective maintenance requirements. These requirements may be in the form of checklists. The following inspection and maintenance recommendations and checklists should be augmented by state or local code requirements as well as best management practices learned by persons maintaining the site drainage system. • A schedule of regular inspections and tasks. Dry Well Inspection and Maintenance F-1

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