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42 April 2014 InTheTrenches Spray Poly Foam Our Love-Hate Relationship with elcome to part one of a four part series on Spray Polyurethane Foam SPF Insulation. Spray poly- urethane foam (SPF) insulation – the best thing since sliced bread, the greatest energy saving "Green" insulation available, right? I can't remember another building product with such a clearly defined love or hate following. When I say "love" SPF is typically described by the "Green" movement as I described it above: safe, energy efficient, "Green," and even healthy. That's right, it's often touted as a product that will improve your indoor air quality. These guys are hard-core supporters and be- lievers, a solid mix of manufactures, applicators, builders, and homeowners. But if you're on the hate side of the issue you're just as emotionally involved in the product, you just see things from a different perspective. Often the hate side of the love-hate relationship W

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