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Healthy Indoors 43 Long-time IAQ industry consultant John Lapotaire provides a detailed look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly aspects of SPF in the first of his four-part series for Healthy Indoors Magazine evolves from a regrettable spray polyurethane foam insulation experience, a botched job, mis- application, or unfortunate exposure to the SPF chemicals. If your opinion of SPF is based on any of these issues then your opinion is based on a vivid and tangible perspective based on a very personal experience. That will drive pas- sion. The goal of this series is for you to learn how to ensure that your home has SPF installed properly and what you need to ensure your ap- plicator knows his stuff. While the products are all very similar it's the applicator and his or her training and experience that truly matters. Fol- lowing at a very close second is your home and the impact of the sealed attic on your existing home. In the next few editions we are going to discuss the unadvertised side of SPF. Let's face it – the industry has a great marketing department and the product works great when properly applied. So we'll be discussing the issues with misap-

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