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44 April 2013 Spray Poly Foam Continued from previous page plied SPF as well as the design changes that accompany altering a home's attic from natural (passive) ventilation to a sealed mechanically semi-conditioned attic. It's very important to understand the speciļ¬c changes that take place when you seal your at- tic. There are factors that must be considered, such as a 50 year old attic with an accumulation of dust, debris, and possibly pesticides that is now a sealed attic and part of the indoor envi- ronment. NOT good. I personally don't feel that any SPF applicator can clean a 50 year old attic well enough for me to feel comfortable breath- ing the now shared attic air that has become semi-conditioned occupied space. And that is exactly what will happen when you seal an attic and semi-condition it. We'll take a closer look at how to investigate SPF complaints and how to identify misapplied SPF. For example, some would prefer to col-

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