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There are some important components to SB 655 that will affect how mold is defined and described that may be of interest to the IAQA. [Christine Robinson is one of the Special Advisors for IAQA Government Affairs for California, and contributed this report. IAQA Government Affairs is currently seeking a Coordinator for California.] NEW HAMPSHIRE Guy Sylvester is the Special Advisor for Mold Licensing in New Hampshire. As he is working on an article for another publication on the Mold Assessor's License in New Hampshire, he shared with us some interesting Q&A format information, some of which is included here in this update: When does the bill go into effect? SB125 goes into effect January 1, 2016 What does the bill say? SB125 mandates that persons providing residential mold assessment services in NH for mold contamination in residential dwellings be certified by a third party. What mold related services will now require third party certification? Conducting an inspection, investigation, or survey of a dwelling or other structure to provide information to the owner regarding presence, identification, or evaluation of mold; the development of a mold remediation specification or protocol; and/or the Collection of (a) mold sample(s) for analysis will all require a third party certification. [Scott Herzog is the Government Affairs Committee's Coordinator for New Hampshire] RHODE ISLAND After IAQA Government Affairs Committee gave a talk on regulatory rulemaking on lead paint to the quarterly meeting of LEHA (the Lead and Environmental Hazards Association) in June this year in Boston, we attracted the attention of Rhode Island. This autumn, the Rhode Island Alliance for Healthy Housing is hosting a series of evening supper roundtables with invited attendees from a variety of interests that would pertain to mold

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