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o Virginia: the law passed earlier this year is relevant mostly to landlords and their responsibility when it comes to mold. IAQA member Lee McNutt started the process of IAQA involvement in rulemaking. Our local prospective chapter chairs are working with Virginia and Lee moving forward. O Maryland: MHIC continues to be in a holding pattern, with no indication when they will break the indefinite hold on implementation. One change occurred recently on the MHIC website that loosened the restrictions for mold companies operating in MD. Until early this year, the Commission stated that a mold remediation company performing demolition services must be licensed as a home improvement contractor, and not licensed if performing cleaning services only. Now, mold companies performing demolition or cleaning do not need to be licensed, according to their latest guidance. California: IAQA Government Affairs has enlisted Christine Robinson and Florence Wu, both IAQA members, to discover the prospects of two bills at issued in California: Senate bill 655: http://www.legislature.ca.gov/cgi-bin/port- postquery?bill_number=sb_655&sess=cur&house=b&author=mitchell Assembly bill 1126: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/15- 16/bill/asm/ab_1101- 1150/ab_1126_bill_20150420_amended_asm_v98.pdf IAQA Government Affairs invites all of our members to become involved. Our mission is more than only observing government activity that affects our members. IAQA will take an active advocacy position when there is a consensus among our members. Moreover, we welcome IAQA members in good standing to join the committee, or to participate as special advisors on any particular government initiative. If you want to contribute, please join us! We want to hear from you: cwds@fiberlock.com

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