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November 2015 Government Affairs Update

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notices can be interpreted that there is a possibility of repeal, amendment or retention of both asbestos and lead licensing. IAQA will engage the Virginia Board for Asbestos, Lead and Home Inspectors to gather more information regarding the impetus for this regulatory action, the probability of change, and the opportunity for IAQA to contribute to this process on behalf of our members. The deadline for public comment is November 9, 2015, and can be emailed to alhi@dpor.virginia.gov. [Jim Scarborough from ASHRAE Government Affairs brought this to the Committee as this update was being composed. Moving forward, Joe Hughes will be the Coordinator for Virginia's possible administrative reforms, and Todd Stevens will be a Special Advisor.] MINNESOTA UPDATE ON ADMINISTRATIVE RULES ON RADON Minnesota is weighing reform of administrative rules concerning the mitigation of radon, including specifically requirements for licensure of assessors for radon. To begin working on analysis of the potential impact on our practitioners involved with radon, an interview was conducted with Shawn Price, the current President of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technicians (AARST). The view of AARST is that the rules being written are thus far based on existing regulatory language in Illinois and Ohio – which AARST considers the best current model in radon public policy on these issues. The AARST pointed out to our committee that Minnesota would make it sixteen states with radon regulation/legislation, and that there is a wide variance in sophistication from one state to another. Government Affairs is optimistically seeking a discussion opportunity with the Minnesota Department of Health contacts recommended by AARST to get direct contact with those composing the potential new licensing rules. [Tony Gabriele is the Government Affairs Committee's Coordinator for this initiative in Minnesota.] NEW HAMPSHIRE MOLD LICENSING FOR ASSESSORS In October, the New Hampshire Business Review published an article on mold licensing in the state entitled "NH's new mold bill: What you need to know". Authored by IAQA members Guy Sylvester and Jean Gennaro, this article provides the background on the New Hampshire Mold Task Force, and the collaboration with the New Hampshire Chapters of both the American Lung Association and the IAQA in Manchester. There

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