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EPA Building Air Quality Guide-1991

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Zone/Room Record Building Name: __________________________________________________ File Number: ______________________________ Date: ______________________ Address: _______________________________________________________ Completed by: _____________________________ Title: ______________________ This form is to be used differently depending on whether the goal is to prevent or to diagnose IAQ problems. During the development of a profile, this form should be used to record more general information about the entire building; during an investigation, the form should be used to record more detailed information about the complaint area and areas surrounding the complaint area or connected to it by pathways. Use the last three columns when underventilation is suspected. Use the Ventilation Worksheet and Appendix A to estimate outdoor air quantities Compare results to the design specifications, applicable building codes, or ventilation guidelines such as ASHRAE 62-1989. (See Appendix A for some outdoor air quantities required by ASHRAE 62-1989.) Note: For VAV systems, minimum outdoor air under reduced flow conditions must be considered. * Sources might include air handling unit (e.g., AHU-4), operable windows, transfer from corridors. ** Underline the information in this column if corrent use or number of occupants is different from design specifications. *** Mark the information with a P if it comes from the mechanical plans or an M if it comes from actual measurements, such as recent test and balance reports. **** ASHRAE 62-1989 gives ventilation guidance per 150 sq. ft. Building Area (Zone/Room) Use** Source of Outdoor Air* Mechanical Exhaust? (Write "No" or estimate cfm airflow) Comments Peak Number of Occupants or Sq. Ft. Floor Area** Total Air Supplied (in cfm)*** Outdoor Air Supplied per Person or per 150 Sq. Ft. Area (in cfm)**** PROFILE AND DIAGNOSIS INFORMATION DIAGNOSIS INFORMATION ONLY

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