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DEVELOPING A LEGIONELLA WATER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM 11 3 Identify Areas Where Legionella Could Grow & Spread EXAMPLE: BUILDING A Once you have developed your process flow diagram, identify where potentially hazardous conditions could occur in your building water systems. The below diagram points out locations and types of hazardous conditions you could expect in Building A. Each potentially hazardous condition should be addressed individually with a control point, measure, and limit. 1. Receiving 2. Cold Water Distribution 3. Heating 4. Hot Water Distribution 5. Waste Municipal Water 4" pipe from Maple St. Fire Suppression (sprinkler system) Cooling Tower Roof Decorative Fountain Lobby Ice Machines Floors 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Sinks/Showers Floors B–11 Hot Tub Floor 1 Pool Floor 1 Water Heaters #1 & #2: Basement Sinks/ Showers Floors B–5 Sinks/ Showers Floors 6–11 Kitchen Appliances Basement Sanitary Sewer Hot Water Storage Basement Water Heater #3: Basement Kitchen WaterFlow Recirculating Return Flow Water Process Backflow Preventer Legend: Conditions for Bacteria Spread Temperature Permissive Special Considerations for Healthcare Facilities Stagnation No Disinfectant External Hazards (eg., construction, main break) Heating can use up the disinfectant Healthcare Facilities Think about: • • Areas where medical procedures may expose patients to water droplets, such as hydrotherapy Areas where patients are more vulnerable to infection, such as bone marrow transplant units, oncology floors, or intensive care units In Building A, the ice machine is included to illustrate that patients with problems swallowing may be at increased risk for Legionella spread by aspiration. Disclaimer: Example content is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be relevant to all buildings. Reference: ASHRAE 188: Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems June 26, 2015. ASHRAE: Atlanta. www.ashrae.org

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