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DEVELOPING A LEGIONELLA WATER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM 17 5 Example 3—Debris in the cooling tower 1. During weekly inspection of the cooling tower, Michelle discovers that leaf litter has accumulated in the reservoir. 2. Upon further investigation, she finds that a panel has become dislodged, allowing windblown debris to enter. 3. After replacing the panel and skimming out the debris, Michelle checks the disinfectant levels and performs a heterotrophic plate count as an indicator of water quality. 4. She documents her actions in her log book. She also makes a note to check the disinfectant levels daily for a week to make sure that the cooling tower remains within control limits. She reviews her actions and documentation with her supervisor. Disclaimer: Example content is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be relevant to all buildings. Reference: ASHRAE 188: Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems June 26, 2015. ASHRAE: Atlanta. www.ashrae.org

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