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12 28. Nathanson, T. and J.D. Miller: Studies of fungi in indoor air in large buildings. In: Flannigan B. (ed.) Airborne Deteriogens and Pathogens. Biodeterioration Society. Kew, U.K. 1989. pp. 129-38. 29. American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA): The IAQ Investigator's Guide, 2nd edition. Fairfax, VA: AIHA, 2006. NOTE: AIHA supports efforts to ensure that individuals that perform mold investigations and remediation are properly trained in the occupational and environmental hazards in buildings for all hazards. Qualified persons should be utilized for the design and management of mold assessments, directing others performing initial mold assessments, writing protocols for mold remediation, and conducting post-remediation inspections. This may include Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and/or Registered Occupational Hygienists (ROH) with the specific education, training, and experience in microbial contamination. A CIH is the leading professional accreditation for experts to investigate mold and dampness problems in buildings, particularly in the non-industrial workplace. There are other individuals who have undergone considerable training and education and may be appropriately qualified. However any individual with the expertise necessary to be involved in the recognition, evaluation or control of mold should normally possess a certification awarded by a nationally recognized accreditation body. Adopted: AIHA Board of Directors March 26, 2013

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