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SAFETY TIPS ON USING PORTABLE GENERATORS If you use a portable generator for electricity use CAUTION to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. • Use portable generators OUTSIDE and at least 20 feet away from buildings. • Do not use portable generators inside your house or garage. • Do not put portable generators on balconies or near doors, vents, or windows. • Do not use portable generators near where you or your children are sleeping. • Never refuel a generator while it is hot. • For more information, go to: http://www.osha.gov/OshDoc/data_Hurricane_Facts/portable_generator_safety.pdf AM I DONE? • If you still see or smell mold, you have more work to do. After a remediation, there should be no signs of water damage or mold growth. • You may need to ask a mold remediation professional to know whether your mold problem is completely fixed. As noted in the "Should I do this myself?" section, sampling for mold is not usually recommended; instead, a careful inspection of the work area for completion of the cleanup and absence of mold-related odors is usually appropriate. • If you have health problems that get worse when you return home, like asthma or allergy attacks or skin or eye irritation, you may still have some mold. LOCAL CONTACT INFO: HOMEOWNER'S AND RENTER'S GUIDE TO MOLD CLEANUP AFTER DISASTERS, JUNE 2015 Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force - Indoor Environmental Pollutants Work Group 4

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