Ellen Tohn Discusses the Health Benefits of Home Performance

May 16, 2018 hiadmin

The May cover story in the upcoming issue of Healthy Indoors Magazine will feature Ellen Tohn, who was a keynote presenter at the recent IAQ & Energy 2018 Conference in Portland, ME.  HI’s Bob Krell had an opportunity to sit down with her after that presentation to discuss this topic.

We know that efficiency efforts reduce energy use, lower energy bills, and can reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Research now tells us that residents can also experience health benefits, with fewer asthma and respiratory issues, and improved general physical and mental health. The benefits are greatest among lower income households, who also experience greater health risks. The time is right for a greater investment in energy efficiency, leveraging that workforce to improve health.

Ellen Tohn is a Principal at Tohn Environmental Strategies and Assistant Professor of Practice at Brown School of Public Health.

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