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November 2015 Government Affairs Update

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mold in New York State. With a deadline of 1/1/2016 for all remediation and assessment practitioners in New York to be licensed, approval is being expedited by the agency as much as possible. On the last day of September it was announced that NYSDOL had approved the first training provider for agency approved courses for licensure as "Mold Assessor", "Mold Remediation Contractor", and "Mold Abatement Workers. As of this writing in late October, the website for the NYSDOL (See https://labor.ny.gov/workerprotection/safetyhealth/mold/mold-training-providers.shtm) now lists five approved training providers for the Mold Assessor and Mold remediator respectively. There are four approved providers for the Mold Abatement Worker course. Several of the NYSDOL approved training companies are affiliated with IAQA as members, and/or as member companies involved with existing IAQA education programs. IAQA members seeking certification for mold in New York can therefore direct their training and tuition in the spirit of the Members Doing Business with Members initiative. IAQA continues to work with NYSDOL to obtain clarifications as to many as yet unresolved questions, including the complications of instructors from outside New York, and if approval eligible training can be conducted outside of New York's state lines. [Cole Stanton has been the Coordinator for NYS Mold Licensing, and Fred Schauf as the Special Advisor. They flip roles moving forward but will both be directly involved.] VIRGINIA UPDATE ON ADMINISTRATIVE RULES ON ASBESTOS AND LEAD- BASED PAINT The Commonwealth of Virginia is currently reviewing existing regulations on asbestos and lead-based paint to determine whether several administrative rules on these hazards should be repealed, amended, or retained in their current forms. To access the "Notice of Periodic Review and Small Business Impact Review," go to: https://billtrack50.com/RegulationDetail/798563/1064 Initial analysis would indicate that this is a routine "sunset" review evaluation process pursuant to executive order in Virginia to reduce regulation. However, the general

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