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ES+H Multifamily Building Upgrades_508c_02 09 2016

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Energy Savings Plus Health | INDOOR AIR QUALITY GUIDELINES FOR MULTIFAMILY BUILDING UPGRADES 15 Examples of Multifamily Residential Building Upgrade Projects Examples of IAQ/Health Risks and Opportunities Potentially Applicable Priority Issues Building Operations and Maintenance • Deep extraction steam or hot water carpet cleaning • Pest control • Custodial operations IAQ/Health Risks: • Asbestos-containing material, lead paint, PCBs or mold may be disturbed. • Cleaning chemicals and pesticides may aggravate allergies and asthma. • Mold and moisture problems may occur if carpets do not dry quickly after spills or carpet cleaning. • Smoking near outdoor air ventilation intakes can increase indoor exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. • Vehicle idling near outdoor air intakes can increase indoor exposure to vehicle exhaust contaminants. Opportunities: • Minimize chemical exposure to occupants and staff by using the least toxic materials. • Reduce cleaning product use through better use of cleaning equipment and cleaning process improvements. • Minimize exposure to pesticides through integrated pest management tactics. • Always plan for thorough drying of carpets if steam or wet methods are used, especially during humid weather. • Provide walk-off mats to reduce track-in of pollutants. • Ensure that the building has a policy on tobacco use. • Periodically retest areas of the building that have been mitigated for radon. 1.0 Moisture Control and Mold 2.0 Asbestos 3.0 Lead 4.0 PCBs 5.0 Radon 6.0 Belowground Contaminants 7.0 Garage Air Pollutants 8.0 Pests 9.0 Tracked-In Pollutants 10.0 Building Products/Materials Emissions 11.0 Vented Combustion Appliances 12.0 Unvented Combustion Appliances 13.0 Ozone from Indoor Sources 14.0 Environmental Tobacco Smoke 17.0 HVAC Equipment 22.0 Building Safety for Occupants 23.0 Protecting IAQ During Construction 24.0 Jobsite Safety

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