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Energy Savings Plus Health | INDOOR AIR QUALITY GUIDELINES FOR MULTIFAMILY BUILDING UPGRADES 33 PRIORITY ISSUE 9.0 TRACKED-IN POLLUTANTS ASSESSMENT PROTOCOLS (AP) MINIMUM ACTIONS (MA) EXPANDED ACTIONS (EA) AP 9.1 Inspect Floor Surfaces at Building Common Entrances Inspect all building common entrances for walk-off mats or entry mat systems. Note accumulation of dirt or moisture on interior floors near building entrances that might indicate need for walk-off mats or entryway floor-cleaning systems. MA 9.1 Provide Walk-Off Mats Provide walk-off mats to trap dirt and moisture at all building common entrances. The mats need to be long enough to allow at least five full steps for people entering the building (a minimum of 10 feet long). Walk-off mats should be regularly vacuumed and cleaned according to manufacturer's printed instructions. Mats should have anti-slip backings or other means to reduce sliding and tripping hazards. Mats should not be placed over carpeted areas and should have an impervious, readily cleanable surface beneath them. Note: Mats should be periodically moved and allowed to dry. Mats in high-traffic areas and over vinyl flooring should be moved and allowed to dry frequently during wet weather conditions (e.g., on a daily basis). EA 9.1 Install Permanent Entryway Systems Install permanent entryway systems at all regularly used building common entrances to capture dirt and moisture, as described in ASHRAE Standard 189.1-2014, Section or EPA's IAQ Design Tools for Schools, Entry Mat Barriers. The entryway system should: • Provide a scraper surface, an absorption surface and a finishing surface, in sequence in the direction of travel into the building. • Be as wide as the entry doors. • Have anti-slip backings or other locking mechanisms to reduce sliding and tripping hazards. • Be designed for regular cleaning to remove accumulated dirt. • Not be installed over an existing walk-off mat or other entryway system. References for Priority Issue 9.0 Tracked-In Pollutants: ASHRAE: Indoor Air Quality Guide, Strategy 3.5 ASHRAE Standard 189.1-2014, Section EPA: IAQ Design Tools for Schools, Entry Mat Barriers

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