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68 Energy Savings Plus Health | INDOOR AIR QUALITY GUIDELINES FOR MULTIFAMILY BUILDING UPGRADES PEST CONTROL (continued) Actions ➾ Providing an enclosed area for the storage of trash and prompt trash removal service. ➾ Integrating pest exclusion (e.g., sealing holes, cracks and crevices) with energy efficiency and air seal- ing activities. • Review and Approve Contractor IPM Plan: Building owners/property managers review and approve the IPM plan submitted by the pest control contractor and work with occupants to undertake appropriate actions. • Occupant Complaints: Maintenance staff respond promptly to pest complaints from occupants. Approximately 10 to 14 days after any action has been taken, the building owner/property manager should follow up to evaluate the conditions. • Written Notice: Building owners/property managers shall provide advance written notice to occupants, prefera- bly 72 hours, but not less than 24 hours, prior to pesticide application. • Unit Turnover: Building owners/property managers shall inspect for pest problems at unit turnover and identify any needed pest control work by maintenance staff and/or pest control professionals to prevent and address pest issues. • Occupant Education: Building owners/property managers should develop, in conjunction with the IPM contrac- tor, education and outreach materials to occupants for lease signing, periodic occupant education sessions, and during pest infestations. To the extent feasible, incorporate the following elements into occupant leases, and work to ensure occupants understand their responsibilities: ➾ Report to management pest sightings and conditions that may attract pests. ➾ Do not use foggers, bombs or sprays. A pesticide use policy must be prepared including what, if any, over-the-counter products are acceptable for use in the building. Illegal pesticides shall be strictly prohibited (e.g., Miraculous Insecticide Chalk, Tres Pacitos). ➾ Keep dwelling units clean, clutter-free and in sanitary condition according to lease requirements. ➾ Prepare dwelling units for pest management service visits according to instructions provided in ad- vance. ➾ Participate in monitoring their dwelling unit with traps provided by management, when needed. Resources for Pest Control: ASHRAE: Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning Boston Public Health Commission: Integrated Pest Management: A Guide for Managers and Owners of Affordable Housing Enterprise Green Communities: Green Operations & Maintenance Training in a Box EPA: Introduction to Integrated Pest Management, Principles of IPM EPA: Pesticides: Controlling Pests Green Shield: Green Shield Certified National Pest Management Association: GreenPro Certified NCHH: Integrated Pest Management in Multifamily Housing Northeastern IPM Center at Cornell University: Integrated Pest Management: A Guide for Affordable Housing

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