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ES+H Multifamily Building Upgrades_508c_02 09 2016

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Energy Savings Plus Health | INDOOR AIR QUALITY GUIDELINES FOR MULTIFAMILY BUILDING UPGRADES 88 6.0 Belowground Contaminants (Except Radon) (continued) Assessment Protocol and Action Verification Complete N/A NOTES MA 6.2 Addressed drain traps prone to drying out by developing a maintenance plan to periodically add water to the traps, and considered installation of inline drain seals to floor drains prone to drying out. MA 6.3 Mitigated soil gas vapor intrusion in compliance with local or state standards (Table X5.1 of American Society for Testing and Materials [ASTM] E2600 or EPA guidance). EA 6.1 Installed floor drain seals to untrapped floor drains. EA 6.2 Installed automatic drain trap primers in floor drains that are susceptible to drying out to ensure that a small amount of water is periodically delivered to the trap and to prevent it from drying out. EA 6.3 Implemented measures to prevent migration of soil-gas contaminants into occupied spaces for new construction and building expansion projects located on Brownfield sites, as described in ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Guide, Strategy 3.4. 7.0 Garage Air Pollutants Assessment Protocol and Action Verification Complete N/A NOTES AP 7.1 Identified whether the building has any attached garages. AP 7.2 Checked for HVAC systems inside any attached garages. AP 7.3 Identified air leaks between any attached garages and occupied spaces that share a surface with the garages. AP 7.4 Identified whether any combustion engines other than automobiles and trucks are operated in attached garages. MA 7.1 Eliminated/minimized unwanted air transfer of garage air pollutants to dwelling units via mechanical equipment and ductwork. MA 7.2 Compartmentalized attached garages from occupied spaces by sealing openings and penetrations. Ensured a carbon monoxide alarm is installed in every room that shares a floor, ceiling or wall with the garage. Provided an exhaust fan in any attached garage, vented directly to the outdoors. EA 7.1 Relocated air-handling equipment that serves occupied spaces from the garage to an area within conditioned space. EA 7.2 Performed additional efforts to compartmentalize garages from occupied spaces. EA 7.3 Advised the building owner or property manager to remove all combustion engine-operated equipment (except automobiles and trucks) from inside the garage, where feasible. Color Codes Assessment Protocol (AP) Minimum Action (MA) Expanded Action (EA)

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