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ES+H Multifamily Building Upgrades_508c_02 09 2016

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89 Energy Savings Plus Health | INDOOR AIR QUALITY GUIDELINES FOR MULTIFAMILY BUILDING UPGRADES 8.0 Pests Assessment Protocol and Action Verification Complete N/A NOTES AP 8.1 Identified potential pests of concern, including any organisms likely to colonize the building based on project location. AP 8.2 Identified evidence of pests, and determined whether pesticides are being used in the building to control pest populations. AP 8.3 Assessed whether the building already has an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan and whether it is being followed and sustained. MA 8.1 Mitigated pest infestations; selected an IPM professional for pest management needs. MA 8.2 Reduced the potential for pest entry into the building by blocking, sealing and eliminating pest entry points around the building envelope. MA 8.3 Patched and sealed openings in areas with evidence of rodent infestation with rodent-resistant materials prior to installing weatherization materials that may be susceptible to gnawing. MA 8.4 Reduced the risk of pest dispersal throughout the building by sealing and blocking interior passageways. MA 8.5 Implemented protections for outdoor air intakes and exhausts to eliminate pest entryways. MA 8.6 Maintained existing pest protections within the building. MA 8.7 Removed clutter, eliminated woodpiles and waste near the building, and removed any bushes, trees or vegetation closer than two feet from the structure. Kept vegetation away from outdoor air intakes and outdoor mechanical equipment. Did not pile up soils and mulches against the building's exterior walls. EA 8.1 If there is no IPM plan for the building, worked with the building owner and/or property manager to develop and implement one. EA 8.2 Ensured exterior garbage cans and dumpsters are sealable and sanitized regularly. 9.0 Tracked-In Pollutants Assessment Protocol and Action Verification Complete N/A NOTES AP 9.1 Inspected all building common entrances for walk-off mats or entry mat systems. Noted conditions of dirt or moisture accumulation near entrances that might need walk-off mats or entryway floor cleaning systems. MA 9.1 Provided walk-off mats to trap dirt and moisture at all building common entrances. EA 9.1 Installed permanent entryway systems at all regularly used building common entrances to capture dirt and particulates in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 189.1, Section, or EPA's IAQ Design Tools for Schools, Entry Mat Barriers. Color Codes Assessment Protocol (AP) Minimum Action (MA) Expanded Action (EA)

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